easter 2023

Everyone loves a good story. A story where good triumphs over evil. Where wrong is made right, where the hero saves the day, when there’s a happy ending.

But the best stories? The ones most worth telling and retelling? It’s the ones that sound almost too good to be true, but really, truly are!

This is the best story, the truest story ever! Jesus is risen!

A Story Worth Telling

Pastor Chris Voigt

April 9, 2023

How do you determine what is true and what is false? Is your experience a reliable method for making such a determination? Are your thoughts, ideas, or feelings a solid foundation on which to make decisions or build a life? In order for something to be ‘true’ it must align with what is real and accurate. It is vitally important that we be able to sort out what is true from what is false.

Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed! Come celebrate that truth with us this Sunday!


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