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It’s a whale of a tale, but the big fish is definitely not the most important thing about this story!

Through the book of Jonah we see emphasized the themes of God’s sovereignty, mercy, and relentless love for all people – including evil rulers and rebellious prophets.

Love Beyond Borders

[Part 1]

Pastor Michelle Snook

July 9, 2023

Summer is in full swing in our part of the world, and for a lot of people that means getting out on the water. Whether it’s a lake, river, or even the ocean, many of us enjoy escaping the cares of life to enjoy some splashing in the sun.

So it seems like a great time to do a sermon series that includes a whale of a tale! For the next four weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the short, Old Testament book of Jonah. And while it’s the big fish that swallows up both Jonah and our attention, it’s really not the most outrageous part of the story. As we will see, as we unpack this unbelievable but true fish story, there’s something far more outrageous going on!  

Join us for Life Interrupted: Reluctant Prophet, Relentless God. What could be more unbelievable than a story about a man being swallowed by a fish and living to tell about it? You’ll just have to join us to find out!

A Reality Check

[Part 2]

Pastor Michelle Snook

July 16, 2023

We all make choices in life – good ones or not-so-good ones, and sooner or later there are consequences. And there’s not much you can do about the consequences, except for choosing how to respond to them.

We are in week two of a four-week summer series on the story of Jonah. This week, we’ll discover that Jonah, just like the rest of us, had to face consequences for his choices. And then, in the middle of his consequences (quite literally!) he had to choose how to respond. What happened next was directly linked to Jonah’s choice.

Join us this Sunday as we unpack the life-changing lessons the book of Jonah holds for us.

Trading Places

[Part 3]

Pastor Michelle Snook

July 23, 2023

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us. Someone asks us to do something. And we know we should; we want to want to do it. We might even be aware that it’s something that God wants or is asking us to do. But we’re just not feeling it. We don’t want to. We are reluctant.

We are so focused on what we want, on our own needs, comfort, or agenda, that we don’t want to go out of our way or get out of our comfort zone, even when it’s God who asks us to. But if we don’t, if we give in to our reluctance, we’ll miss the blessing the follows obedience.

This is week three of our four-part series on the book of Jonah. I invite you to join us this Sunday as we discover that God can use even the most reluctant steps of obedience to bring about tremendous blessing.

It's Not Fair!

[Part 4]

Pastor Jon Sprouse

July 30, 2023

In an online article at, Ryan Jenkins, author, speaker and generations expert writes, “Entitlement is perhaps the top word associated with the Millennial generation. In fact, 71 percent of American adults think of Millennials as “selfish,” and 65 percent think Millennials are ‘entitled.’” The Millennial generation – those born between 1980 and 1995, have been characterized as self-absorbed, narcissistic, overconfident, materialistic and lazy. (My apologies to any of you Millennials out there, but that’s what the research says!). There’s no shortage of information to support the assertions; studies have been completed, data has been analyzed, and reports have been published. When all is said and done, it seems to me that what it boils down to is a lot of unrealistic, unmet expectations and an inability to know what to do with them. But are these traits really a millennial thing or could it be that this is a human thing?

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working our way through the Old Testament story of Jonah in a series we’ve called Life Interrupted: Reluctant Prophet, Relentless God. And if the adjectives are accurate, in a lot of ways, Jonah seems like a misplaced millennial, filled with and driven by unmet and unrealistic expectations. Jonah, it seems, is a lot like us, in a lot of ways; regardless of generation.

Join us as we wrap up Jonah’s story this Sunday. Spoiler alert: there is no tidy ending. In fact, we’re left with loose ends and a couple of unanswered questions. But maybe that’s the point... to wrestle with our own unmet expectations – our inner millennial – and figure out what to do with them.


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