Every day the chance of you talking with someone who thinks that Christianity is just another myth and that Christians are judgmental bigots is increasing. Our culture is growing more hostile toward Christian values and beliefs. What will you do when someone challenges your faith and belittles you for believing it? Are you able to share the reasons for your faith with both winsomeness and wisdom? We must know how to engage in meaningful conversations with people who hold to a different view. The results could be life-changing!

The Myths of Evangelism

[Part 1]

Pastor Chris Voigt

June 11, 2023

We hear the word ‘influencer’ thrown around a lot in our culture these days. It’s like a new category of popularity or famous-ness. There are people who are well-known for being politicians, musicians, artists, authors, and.... influencers. We all know what those other categories are, but what does it mean to be an ‘influencer’?  

We are launching a new series this Sunday that we’re calling Magnetic: Activating the Power of Influence. The truth is, all of us are influencers. We all talk about the things we love because we want to share them with others. It might be a great new restaurant or an amazing vacation spot or a fantastic book or an awesome new song or a fun new game. We all share the things we love with the people around us. And we do it naturally, casually, conversationally.

I invite you to join us this Sunday as we begin to unpack what it could look like to influence the people in our world for Jesus.

Flip the Script

[Part 2]

Pastor Chris Voigt

June 18, 2023

\This week, we’re going to look at strategies for effective seed planting. Not the vegetable garden kind of seeds, but the kind of seeds that help produce faith and life-change in the lives of the people around us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid gardener or have the kind of skills that could kill a cactus; if you are a follower of Jesus, you have been entrusted with the most incredible seed and given a mandate to sow, scatter, and plant wherever you go. And trust me on this... once you learn how, you will love it! I can’t wait to share with you this Sunday!

Question Everything

[Part 3]

Pastor Chris Voigt

June 25, 2023

We are in week 3 of our series, Magnetic: Activating the Power of Influence. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been reframing some of our ideas about evangelism – what it is and how we do it. And we’re learning that it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating and that we don’t have to know all the answers. This week, we’re going to unpack the principles of asking good questions.

Being curious and asking questions can be powerful tools in our efforts to sow seeds into the lives of others. We all know how good it feels to be asked a genuine question from someone who truly wants to understand.

Stories to Tell [Part 4]

Pastor Chris Voigt

July 5, 2023

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been in a series we’ve called Magnetic: Activating the Power of Influence. We’ve been unpacking some of our pre-conceived ideas about what it means to share our belief in Jesus with other people. And we’ve come to understand that there are ways we can do that, that don’t have to be scary or intimidating. This week, as we wrap up, we’ll be taking a look at the power of sharing our stories.

Of all the books I’ve read, the movies I’ve watched, of all the stories I’ve heard... my absolute favorites are the ones that communicate the truth of the power of Jesus to change a heart and redeem a life. Those are the greatest stories ever told. Let’s learn to share those stories with others!


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