missing peace

With all that’s happened this year, peace may be the last thing some of us are feeling. But the Bible tells us we can have peace despite what we’re going through. Discover how to find peace this weekend in week one of our Missing Peace message series! 

Is Peace Possible? [Part 1]

Pastor Chris Voigt

December 3, 2023

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is on the horizon. But when our newsfeeds continue to be filled with stories of international conflict, economic uncertainty, political division, death, disease, heartbreak, and loss, it’s hard to believe that the message of Christmas - peace on earth, goodwill to men - is even possible. The realities of our world kinda suck the holly-jolly right out of the season… if we let them.

In a world that is filled with pain, the possibility of peace seems almost out of reach. But the Bible tells us – promises us – that peace is available to us. And not just a fragile, momentary relief, but a perfect peace. The kind that can be ours when we focus our minds on what we know to be true; on what’s truer than the headlines, and truer than our heartaches. A kind of peace that surpasses our ability to understand. Peace that is found only in Jesus.

Do you have that kind of peace? Do you need it? Come join us this Sunday.

You're Driving Me Crazy [Part 2]

Pastor Michelle Snook

December 10, 2023

Living at peace with others instead of living offended. Jesus didn’t call us to be right, He called us to be loving. It’s easy to be offended. What’s hard is to look past the offense and love the person on the other side. You can choose to forgive the way God forgave your sins.

Why Do I Have to Wait? [Part 3]

Pastor Chris Voigt

December 17, 2023

Have you ever felt like you’re waiting on God? His timing might always be perfect, but from where we sit, it can also be frustrating. It can even feel like sometimes, He’s forgotten us. In this message, we’ll look at what happens when God’s timing makes us pause, reflect, and depend on Him. Because while we’re waiting, God is working.

Disappointed by God [Part 4]

Pastor Chris Voigt

December 24, 2023

Have you ever felt like God has let you down? Like His plans don’t match yours—or like He doesn’t even have a plan for you at all? We hear about peace on earth this time of year, but you might be feeling anything but peace. But sometimes God interrupts our plans because He has a purpose. Our disappointments might be divine appointments from Him.


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