the gift

Every gift tells a story!

We treasure hand-picked gifts from those we love. They’re valuable and important because they’re meant just for us. And one gift meant so much that it forever changed the course of history. The story of this gift is one worth sharing. Share it with us this holiday season during our new message series, The Gift!

Someone Finally Understands Me [Part 1]

Pastor Chris Voigt

December 11, 2022

Gifts – both giving and receiving them – seem to be the centerpiece of the holiday season in our culture. But in a way, I think that’s appropriate. After all, the story of Christmas is all about the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Over the next three weeks, we will be taking a look at the gifts the wise men brought to the Christ Child in a new series called The Gift.

Sometimes, I think familiarity with the Christmas story causes us to just read right past those three baby gifts without really thinking about them. I can’t imagine Mary putting those items on her Amazon wish list! Have you ever stopped to wonder why the wise men gave the things they did? How are gold, frankincense and myrrh even helpful for a new baby? Wouldn’t burp cloths, blankets and diapers make more sense? This week we’ll dig a little deeper into why frankincense was among the gifts given.

It's Hard to Believe [Part 2]

Pastor Michelle Snook

December 18, 2022

This holiday season, we are looking at a piece of the Christmas story that we’ve not really unpacked before, in a sermon series called The Gift. Have you ever wondered about the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus? I mean, why would anyone bring gold, frankincense, and myrrh to a baby? This week, we’ll be talking about the myrrh and what it represented. And we’ll consider an even bigger ‘why’ question along the way... why was Jesus even born? Why did God send Him?

A King Like No Other [Part 3]

Pastor Chris Voigt

December 24, 2022

This Christmas season, we’ve been looking at the story of Jesus’ birth from a little different perspective, in a sermon series called The Gift. We’ve taken a look at the gifts that the wise men brought to Jesus. Gifts, which, we have seen, were less appropriate for a baby, but certainly fit for a king. This Christmas Eve, we’ll consider the gift of gold and the significance of it. Let’s celebrate the most incredible gift ever given: Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


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