what happy couples know

Does it ever seem like every couple around you has it all together, while you can't even agree on what's for dinner?

Wanna know the secret?

Nothing [Part 1]

Pastor Chris Voigt

April 16, 2023

This week, we’re beginning a four-week series called, What Happy Couples Know. And, as you might gather from the title, it’s a series about marriage. But it’s not just for people who are married! You might be dating or waiting, engaged, divorced, single or separated. But regardless of your current relationship status, one thing is true... you have relationships. And while we’re going to focus on how to have a healthy marriage, the principles we’re going to unpack apply to healthy relationships across the board.

Good marriages, and good relationships in general, don’t just happen. Healthy relationships require effort. And sometimes we don’t feel like making it. Usually that’s because we don’t have the right equipment and we’re unsure of where to start. But we’ve got hope and help to share over the next four weeks.

It's Mutual [Part 2]

Pastor Chris Voigt

April 23, 2023

Last week we began a four-week series called, What Happy Couples Know. And yes, it’s a series about marriage. But the principles we’re discovering apply not just to marriage, but to all relationships.

In his fantastical work, author Hugh Loring’s pushmi-pullyu of Dr. Doolittle fame, is an imaginary creature. This “rarest of all animals in Africa,” is described by Loring as a cross between a gazelle and the last of the unicorns, with two heads, one at each end of its body. It provides a good illustration of how a two-headed beast can not just survive, but thrive – by each head deciding to serve the other, choosing to move and work together as one, for their mutual benefit.

Let’s put our heads together this Sunday and learn what God’s word has to say about how “two heads” serving the other in our marriages, as well as other relationships, can thrive!

Sometimes You Have to Throw Things [Part 3]

Pastor Chris Voigt

April 30, 2023

The Apostle Peter was a fisherman. And though he fished with nets, rather than contemporary rods and reels, he was an expert at casting. He knew that to accomplish what he wanted (a haul of fish) he had to cast those nets with all of his strength. You couldn’t just let them slip into the water beside the boat. You have to fling ‘em with everything you’ve got! Which, interestingly, is another definition for the word ‘cast’ - “to throw something forcefully in a specified direction.”

We are in week 3 of our 4-week series, What Happy Couples Know. We’re unpacking principles for nurturing healthy marriages specifically, but these principles apply equally to the success of any healthy relationship! I invite you to join us, regardless of your relationship status. This week, we’re gonna learn that sometimes, you just have to throw things!

In his first letter to the early church, former fisherman, now apostle Peter writes to “cast all your cares on Him (God), because He cares for you.” Remember, to cast can mean to throw something forcefully in a specified direction. With all your strength. Fling the nets. Otherwise, you might come up empty. Perhaps expert casting will improve more than our fishing. Maybe it’s a secret to healthier relationships as well.

It's a Choice [Part 4]

Pastor Chris Voigt

May 7, 2023

We are wrapping up our series, What Happy Couples Know this weekend. Over the past three weeks, we’ve unpacking principles for developing and nurturing healthy marriages, But the principles we’ve learned can be help us thrive in every relationship! In this final week of our series, we’ll discover that happy couples know they have a choice.

In the classic scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the Grail Knight cautions Indy as he stands before an array of chalices. “Choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.” The choices we make in life, and in our relationships will make the difference between thriving or surviving, between life or death.


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